• OnChainMonkey and Metagood Talk NFTs for Climate with Prime Minister of Barbados During ACTAI Global Summit

    OnChainMonkey and Metagood Talk NFTs for Climate with Prime Minister of Barbados During ACTAI Global Summit

    If you take a look at the news or your social media feeds, it can feel like our world is facing the “perfect storm” of crises – from a global pandemic to unceasing climate change, to the exploitation of creators, the insecurity of our data, and more. What gets less attention, though, are the incredible humans tackling these crises – and how they are using technology to do so.

    We had the chance to meet many of them last month at the ACTAI Global Barbados summit, including Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley, to share our vision of how NFTs can help solve these problems and build a more equitable and engaged future.

    ACTAI Barbados global leaders showing their support for OnChainMonkey!

    Across the week, our co-founders Bill Tai and Amanda Terry spoke to more than 50 entrepreneurs, technologists, athletes, conservationists, and artists from 10 countries about their experience building a dynamic, impact-driven community through our NFT collection OnChainMonkey. With holders ranging from crypto OGs to celebrities to world-famous conservationists and more, OnChainMonkey has raised funds for coral revitalization, Ukrainian refugees, internet connectivity and more – and was recently recognized as a World Changing Idea by Fast Company.

    Metagood COO Amanda Terry speaks during ACTAI Barbados.

    NFTs are also reinventing the music industry. We heard from Jared Christopherson, co-founder of “green” music blockchain OneOf, and Grammy-nominated singer Shontelle Layne, about how artists can use NFTs to connect with their supporters directly and help create a more engaging and fair industry. This is one of the causes that we hope to support through the OCM DAO – learn more about the DAO here.

    NFTs, of course, are not possible without blockchain – we were honored to share the stage and learn from the incredible global and local blockchain entrepreneurs, including Kimberly Adams, whose company Bridge Network is helping move NFTs cross chain; Lily Dash, an esteemed lawyer and blockchain innovator since 2017; Grace Wong, founder of Liven; and HE Gabriel Abed, Barbados’ ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, who joined us via Zoom. 

    The highlight of our trip was meeting the Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley. She is a leader for the entire region, and in her tenure, she has helped turn Barbados into a haven for tech entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Our Barbados OCM holders will be excited to see her walking around Bridgetown in her OCM merch!

    PM Mottley spoke passionately about the existential crisis of climate change for the Caribbean and beyond. An island nation, they will be affected strongly by rising ocean levels and changing temperatures.

    To drive the point home, ACTAI Global’s ocean panels were held in the best climate classroom there is – the water. Out on a catamaran, we watched sea turtles swim as we heard from the co-founder and Chief Reef Officer of Coral Vita, Sam Teicher, about how technology can save our oceans. (If you’re unfamiliar with them: Coral Vita won the prestigious Prince William Earthshot prize for their work restoring dying reefs by growing resilient corals in months instead of decades). Coral Vita was one of the first projects we supported at Metagood/OnChainMonkey, and we look forward to doing even more together in the future. 

    Getting to know the causes we support at OCM!

    We left Barbados feeling inspired and energized to share these causes with our OnChainMonkey community. We’ll share more about the next OCM charity project soon – stay up to date with us on Twitter and Instagram!

    If you’re interested in joining us, check out the available OCMs for sale on  OpenSea, Mintable, and Nifty Gateway. Our holders receive exclusive invites to IRL and online events like ACTAI Barbados and can meet other impact-minded technologists, investors, celebrities and more in our members-only Discord.

  • OnChainMonkey Launches Ledger Nano Partnership

    OnChainMonkey Launches Ledger Nano Partnership

    Today, Ledger and OnChainMonkey launched the first NFT-branded Nano X hardware wallet to provide industry leading asset security in the palm of your hand. With this collaboration, Ledger and OnChainMonkey are bringing the world’s leading hardware wallet together with the historic on-chain non-fungible token (NFT) collection aimed at real world impact. Read more about this news at CryptoDaily.

  • OnChainMonkey NFT Collection Hosts Celebrity Poker Tournament For Charity

    OnChainMonkey NFT Collection Hosts Celebrity Poker Tournament For Charity

    There’s never a dull night in the Monkeyverse! Last week, we hosted an epic night of poker with our celebrity guests and OnChainMonkey holders Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, and Charlie Lee (@coblee#4522).  Our OnChainMonkey community was more than excited to take on the big names while also doing good.  Any OnChainMonkey holder was welcome to join, with the buy-in starting at 100 bananas 🍌, with 50 of them joining the celebrities to have fun for a good cause.

    Advertisement for the OnChainMonkey celebrity charity poker tournament on May 10, 2022.

    Owen Wilson sat in the top 10 for much of the night but ultimately was knocked out right before the final table by @m1tsuru#8078. Woody came strong, holding the chip lead for a large part of the tournament, but he finished 6th after running into a buzzsaw by the name of Charlie Lee. Apparently, his crypto skills are second to only his poker face!

    Charlie played textbook big stack poker, using his chips to his advantage to push other players off the hands. Multiple times he outplayed his opponents, taking the pot with a weaker hand, but forcing them out with big bets. And while Charlie Lee ultimately took home the win, the tournament had an unlikely hero in @NFT_Only 0x224.eth 🐵🤝🐵#9961. This notable OCM, who has been a true community leader, kept himself alive, hitting a two-outter against Charlie (~4% chance) to stay in the game. He played exceptionally well from a low stack, and at one point, took the chip lead in his heads-up matchup with the founder of Litecoin. However, the crypto OG proved too strong, using his aggressive play to take down the win.

    What a night in the Monkeyverse, with 5,400 OCM bananas awarded to the winners and 2.5 ETH to Save the Soil, a 501c3 and global movement launched by Sadhguru, to address the soil crisis by bringing together people from around the world to stand up for Soil Health, and supporting leaders of all nations to institute national policies and actions toward increasing the organic content in cultivable Soil.  Metagood decided to donate to this group in honor of Woody Harrelson who narrated and was in the documentary “Kiss The Ground.”

    Tournament results of the OCM charity poker tournament, places 1-8.
    Results of the poker tournament – great job everyone!

    If this sounds like a table you want to play at, check out OnChainMonkey on OpenSea, Mintable, and Nifty Gateway. Once you’re in our community, you receive exclusive invites to IRL and online events, you can join our Discord, and more.

  • Metagood Selected as Fast Company’s World Changing Idea

    Metagood Selected as Fast Company’s World Changing Idea

    The impact investing category of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards honors impact funds, social impact bonds, and other investments in changemaking organizations or initiatives that generate societal benefit along with financial return. Metagood received an Honorable Mention for its work launching the OnChainMonkey NFT collection. Read more in Fast Company.

  • Bananas on Twitter

    Bananas on Twitter

    You Can Now Earn Bananas on Twitter

    Since Bananas for OCM merch was rolled out a month ago, exclusive OCM holder merch has been flying off the shelf. We realize our community is eager to buy OCM swag with Bananas, rather than with fiat. We realize our monkey fam is keen on spreading good Karma, and hungry for Bananas.

    Until now, you could only earn Bananas in our Discord. We wanted to bring even more to our community. Today, we’re officially launching a new feature that’s new to the NFT space and Twitterverse … Bananas on Twitter!

    Good Karma Hits the Twitterverse

    The vibe in our Discord is best described as friendly and welcoming. OCM and our community fosters this through our core values and banana giving. It’s time to bring the good Karma vibes to Twitter.

    Recently, we soft-launched Bananas on Twitter, and have been fine-tuning its mechanics to bring you the best experience. Welcome to the official launch of Bananas on Twitter!

    Tweet a fun fact about OCM. Spread love to your fellow OCMs. Let’s tweet our good OCM vibes on the Twitter metaverse, and help amplify great tweets. Much like Discord’s “give-to-earn” off-chain Bananas feature, helping tweet and amplify great tweets will give a Banana to a fellow monkey, and help you earn one too.

    How do Bananas on Twitter work?

    For this to work, first connect your Twitter, Discord and Ethereum accounts to the OCM website: https://onchainmonkey.com/connect. This ensures we’re able to get your Bananas on Twitter to your account. Connecting your accounts to the OCM website is easy 1-2-3, here’s a quick guide GitBook: How to Connect Accounts to the OCM Website.

    Earn a banana on Twitter just by tweeting something with the tag @OnChainMonkey, or simply interacting with a tweet from @OnChainMonkey. This is the equivalent to a !RISE in Discord and has a 12 hour timer.

    Give a banana and earn a banana at the same time by tweeting something with both the @OnChainMonkey tag and the tag of the person you want to give a banana to. This is equivalent to Discord’s /give-to-earn and has its own 12 hour timer. Note that the recipient needs to first connect on OnChainMonkey.com.

    Here’s a tip. Write a good tweet and tag @OnChainMonkey without tagging anyone else. Then if others reply to your tweet, they will be doing a give-to-earn with you automatically! You can do this with other good tweets about OnChainMonkey by others too!

    Let’s go Bananas on Twitter!

  • CoinDesk: Crypto’s Night at the Grammys

    CoinDesk: Crypto’s Night at the Grammys

    During the 2022 Grammy Awards, OnChainMonkey hosted several exclusive events for its NFT holders, including a pool party of its own and a meal at the Bellagio Hotel. Read more about our IRL meetups and events during the Grammys in this article from CoinDesk.

  • OnChainMonkey is Changing the Game with Bananas for Merch

    OnChainMonkey is Changing the Game with Bananas for Merch

    Bananas for merch? You’re not dreaming. It’s here. Anyone who lives and breathes NFTs knows that the cost of merchandise can add up quickly. At OnChainMonkey, we decided to do it a little differently to bring extra value to our Genesis OCM Holders.

    Getting merch for spreading good karma

    For people unfamiliar with the OCM ecosystem, we have a channel in our Discord called #OffChain-Bananas. In this channel, our community can earn Bananas in one of three ways:

    1. Type the command “!RISE,” which then states our core values of “Respect, Integrity, Sustainability, and Experimentation.”
    2. You can “give to earn.” Every eight hours, you are given two bananas. But to unlock those, you need to give one to someone else. You use this command to give one of your two bananas away to another OCM, then keep the second. It’s our way of incentivizing good karma.
    3. From time to time, community members give bananas to one another as a kind gesture.

    Said differently, these bananas don’t cost money, but instead, are given to community members for doing awesome things.

    In the past, we’ve given our community the chance to buy one-off items for bananas, and now we’re extending that even further to multiple types of merch along with a limited run of Andrew Chen’s book, “The Cold Start Problem.”

    To purchase, our OCM Community just simply needs to go to https://onchainmonkey.com/merch, connect your wallet and Discord account, and you’re ready to start buying with Bananas! And stay tuned…more will be on the way in the coming weeks.

  • IRL: Metagood & OnChainMonkey Host Luncheon at DTLA’s Superchief Gallery for NFT LA

    IRL: Metagood & OnChainMonkey Host Luncheon at DTLA’s Superchief Gallery for NFT LA

    OnChainMonkey and Metagood hosted an exclusive holders event, a luncheon at the Superchief Gallery, during the 2022 NFT LA conference. Read more about the IRL meetup at DailyOvation.

  • OnChainMonkey 2022 Q1 Update & Q2 Look Ahead

    OnChainMonkey 2022 Q1 Update & Q2 Look Ahead

    With the end of Q1 approaching, we want to give the OnChainMonkey community an update on everything we’ve completed and what’s upcoming for Q2. Our company has 17 people and is growing. We are all focused on building to increase the value and utility of OCM. Not all of it is visible, but we’re doing a variety of innovative things that we’re excited to bring to you between now and July. But before we look at where we’re going, we have many new community members, so let’s look back at some Q1 milestones.

    Q1 Recap

    • Value creation for our community. We are the #1 collection for returning profit to our community across all major NFT projects as objectively measured by last 100 trades.
    • OCM Dessert Drop. A free airdrop of 10,000 on chain NFTs that have a current floor around 0.5 eth, with top sales going for 65-80 ETH per NFT. More value created for our OCM community, and not even counted in the profit measure in the first bullet!
    • Provably Fair Launch. Just like OCM Genesis, OCM Dessert was a provably fair launch. We collaborated with Chainlink to make that possible.
    • Coinbase NFT Launch Partner. We were announced as one of the launch partners for the Coinbase NFT Marketplace, alongside many other top-tier NFT projects.
    • DAO. The OCM DAO setup is in process. We executed our first DAO Vote to test the voting mechanism.
    • Online Community Events with notable people in web3 and crypto from our OCM network:
      • We held a private meditation session with Deepak Chopra and Olympian Julia Djumovits on “Getting into Flow State”
      • We did Twitter spaces with: 
        • Renowned author and crypto journalist Laura Shin the day after her book release of The Cryptopians on 2/23 who shared how she uncovered the DAO hacker in 2016  
        • Acclaimed author Ben Mezrich, author of The Midnight Ride, Bitcoin Billionaires, and Bringing Down the House, joined our community to talk about his books and NFT project
        • Haseeb Qureshi of Dragonfly Capital talked to us about what he looks for when investing in Web 3 projects
        • Andrew Chen of Andreessen Horowitz on what he looks for when he invests, and the promise of web3
    • In person gatherings of OCM (see events):
      • ETH Denver OCM happy hour with real life Celestial Cake
      • SXSW Happy Hour and Live Concert by DMC
      • Bay Area OCM Meetup
    • Speaking engagements to share our story:
      • Crypto Finance Conference in Jan – Bill and Amanda were part of a select crypto OG, family office, and investors conference where they shared the OCM story and helped catalyze Giga Connect’s Patchwork Kingdom NFT auction to support bringing broadband to every school globally.
      • ETH Denver in February – Michelle spoke on the “Road to Mass Adoption” about OnChainMonkey and judged ETH Denver, one of the largest BUIDLathons
      • Ethereal Summit in March – Bill and Amanda spoke on a panel about OnChainMonkey and we gave out merch at this invite-only conference of 150 executives sponsored by Consensys.
      • SXSW in March – Amanda spoke on 2 panels about OnChainMonkey, including with one entitled “Blockchain & NFTs: Environmental and Social Impact” with of our investors Jeff Zirlin of Axie Infinity
    • Fundraising:
      • We raised a round to bring more great people into our network, including Sebastien Borget (Co-Founder, The Sandbox), Jared Christopherson (Co-Founder, OneOf), Gaby Dizon (Co-Founder, YGG), Thomas Graham (Co-Founder, Metaphysic.ai), George Kikvadze (Chairman, Bitfury), Nachson Mimran (Co-Founder, To.org), Soups Rajan (CEO of Sardine, former Director of Data Science at Coinbase), Nicole Shanahan (Co-Founder, ClearAccess IP), Nadya Tolokonnikova (Founder, Unicorn DAO), Staci Warden (CEO, Algorand), and Randi Zuckerberg (Offline Ventures Partner).
    • Real World Impact:
      • Coral Vita Coral Conservancy: We donated funds from auction of the OCM Genesis #4381 to support UN Sustainable Development (SDG) 14 “Life Below Water,” a cause voted on by the OCM community.  Funds will be used to grow corals up to 50x faster than in their natural environment.
      • Patchwork Kingdoms: We advised Giga Connect on the launch their first NFT collection which raised over $700K to bring internet to schools globally 
      • OCM Earth charity NFT mint and auction: We raised and donated $185K to Save the Children for humanitarian aid to Ukraine after creating, in a matter of days, an artistic mosaic of 25K+ OCM Genesis forming the Earth with a heart over Ukraine, and raising funds in less than 2 weeks
      • See updated Metagood website for more examples of real world good: https://www.metagood.com/impact
    • OnChainMonkey website, new features
      • Login with Discord, Twitter, or Metamask
      • View your OCM and Desserts
      • Write the backstory for your OCM
      • View your banana balance and transaction history
      • New Gitbook wiki
      • Filter by traits and meta-traits
      • View OpenSea BuyNow prices (and filter by traits / meta-traits)

    With all of that completed, we’re excited for what’s ahead. In just the next three months alone, we’ll continue to find ways to bring value to our community in new and different ways.

    Expanding the Banana Economy

    As OCM Genesis holders know, you can earn Off-Chain Bananas in our Discord by typing our core values (!RISE) and “giving to earn.” Members of our community like to give bananas to people who do good deeds in our community.  We’re about to put those Off-Chain Bananas to work, and bring more use cases to the table. 

    • We’re opening our OCM merch store where you can purchase items using Bananas. There will be more information in the next few days, but instead of charging fiat, we’ll be providing all OCM holders the chance to buy exclusive OCM merch (hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and socks) using their hard-earned Bananas. We want everyone to understand the value of the Banana ecosystem, and this is one way we’ll provide utility to our holders. Launching for the US first.
    • You will be able to earn Bananas on Twitter. This gives one more place the community can stack Bananas for use in the Monkeyverse. This will launch in the next two weeks.
    • There will be other uses for Bananas beyond merch and books. You’ve already been able to buy hats, books, and now other apparel with bananas. We plan to expand the usage of Bananas to other items. We can’t give too many details yet…but get ready to shop for some digital goods with those Bananas.

    Collabs and IRL

    The team has been taking meetings to bring new and exciting things to the OCM community. That includes some new partnerships and IRL events.

    • We’re working with Ledger to bring you custom OCM hardware wallets. Security is something we take very seriously at OCM, so we’re working with Ledger to give our Monkeys an option to buy a custom device sometime in late April or early May. We’ll also be doing a Twitter Spaces with Ledger to demystify the use of the device, and help everyone feel completely comfortable setting it up.
    • We’ll be putting on multiple IRL events. Coming off of SXSW and our OCM get together in the Bay Area, we’re inspired to connect at more IRL events. Stay tuned on Discord and Twitter for updates on community-inspired and OCM-organized gatherings at NFT LA, Miami NFT Week, VeeCon in Minneapolis, NFT NYC, and Consensus in Austin – all before the end of Q2. We want to bring the Monkeyverse to the real world and create those human connections that we saw thrive in the past few weeks. 

    Karma Launch

    We have been working on Karma since September last year. As many of you know, our lead artist on Karma, Drew Winey, is an Academy Award nominated animator, and we recently revealed a second artist – Jeff Gabor – who has won Annie Awards, the most prestigious award in animation. We also hired a third top-tier artist – Matthew Doble – who we will announce more formally next week. 

    (Karma art is also high resolution, can’t see the details here)

    Karma is a big undertaking with the unique type of art we are creating. Genesis was innovative in being both simple and complex. We were the first to create a whole 10k PFP collection on chain in one sinlge transaction by coding it into existence. Similarly, Karma will be truly exceptional in the detail of the hand painted art, while being able to capture the traits of Genesis. We are creating digital assets that will last for generations, and want to give you, the OCM community, the best possible final product. 

    While originally we were targeting the end of Q1, we are now going to launch Karma in June. We made this decision for several reasons. One is that we are launch partners for CoinbaseNFT and they are not launched yet. Launching Karma with Coinbase will allow us to reach many new people. During this time, this also allows our artists to keep improving the collection. They continue to revise, upgrade, and add detail to the Karma art, as can be seen in the example pictured above.

    The Karma launch will start with giving Genesis holders the ability to eat their Desserts, followed by a public mint of Karma immediately after. 50% of the money made from the public mint will go directly to the DAO, making the OCM DAO a very well-funded fund for the community to spend. With that said, below are a couple updates on Genesis as it relates to the Karma launch and the DAO:

    • All Genesis holders will have the opportunity to receive Karma Allow List spots. There will be more details on how this will work closer to the mint, but our OCM Genesis holders will have a fair chance to get those spots.
    • DAO votes will expand with Karma. We’ve stated before that the highest level of ownership in our community is having a Genesis and a Karma in your wallet. With that in mind, OCM Genesis will be one vote, OCM Karma will be one vote, however if you have a Genesis+Karma, it will be three votes. This gives you the most influence in the OCM DAO voting.

    OCM DAO and the Future

    OCM has a great network of builders and investors in web2 and web3. We will leverage this and the OCM DAO to create value for OCM. Half of the Karma mint and half of royalties will be funding the OCM DAO. The OCM DAO will be used to fund promising web3 projects that benefit the OCM community. The DAO will also be sponsoring IRL events such as conferences and hackathons to connect builders and spread ideas. OCM and the DAO are using the tools of web3 to build something useful and valuable that lasts for many generations to come.

  • OnChainMonkey Raises ~$185,000 for Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid with Charity NFT

    OnChainMonkey Raises ~$185,000 for Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid with Charity NFT

    In two short weeks, the OnChainMonkey (OCM) community has raised a total of 65.4 ETH (~USD $185,000) from the sale of the charity NFT, OCM Earth, with the money going toward humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine. OCM Earth, an artistic mosaic of over 25,000 OCM Genesis images which together create a globe with a heart over Ukraine, had two phases to raise the money. The first was a public sale of 604 OCM Earth NFTs for 0.1 ETH (~$280) each, followed by a one-week auction package which included:

    • 1-of-1 high resolution OCM Earth NFT
    • High resolution framed image of OCM Earth from Infinite Objects
    • OCM Genesis #5957- a Magic Monk with a ‘Ukrainian hat’ (blue and yellow hat)
    • One(1) OCM Dessert – a D2 Divine Donut NFT

    OCM Genesis #5957 and the Divine Donut were donated by a community member who is a third generation Ukrainian. He refers to this OCM as Ukemann, in honor of an AOL screen name he created with his dad in 1994. It was on that Ukemann account that his dad taught him stocks and finance, and now through OCM, he is teaching his dad about crypto and NFTs. 

    The fundraising effort allowed the OCM community participate in it’s first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) vote, soft-launching the OCM DAO. While no funds from the DAO treasury were used (only money raised in the fundraising efforts), it let everyone holding an OCM vote on where the money would be donated. In the future, the OCM DAO will help govern a variety of proposals and activities, using funds from sales/royalties of the NFT project. The OCM team will also utilize their strong network to help propel the success of DAO projects.

    Using snapshot.org, a decentralized voting system, the OCM community voted for Save the Children as the charity to receive 100% of the funds raised from the OCM Earth mint and auction. Save the Children is a 501(c)(3) humanitarian aid charity and the first global organization devoted to solely serving children’s needs and securing their rights. The donation to Save the Children’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund can help provide children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance.

    OnChainMonkey has a history of supporting important causes, including raising money to restore coral reefs in the Caribbean, running a charity Axie Infinity event to help raise money for typhoon victims in the Philippines, and funding the evacuation of Sharbat Gula, known as “Afghan Girl” from National Geographic, to safety in November 2021.

    “At OnChainMonkey, one of our core beliefs is to do good things as we create value for our community,” said Danny Yang, CEO of Metagood, the company behind OnChainMonkey. “Our community has always supported our efforts, and we’re glad we were able to help the people of Ukraine with these two fundraisers.”