NFT Now: ‘Ordinals are Not Dead:’ MetaGood’s Danny Yang Talks Recursive Inscriptions Impact

Check out a great nft now article by Erika Lee, covering OCM Dimensions as the first collection to launch recursions, our collaboration with Asprey Studio on The Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection, and more.

Yang is confident that protocol presents a novel and impactful addition to the digital asset landscape that is not just a passing fad. He muses that this is only the beginning of the Bitcoin Ordinals era. “A vast expanse of potential is being unlocked on Bitcoin, and soon we’ll witness developers exploring, innovating, and crafting new applications and solutions.” Refuting any notion of them no longer being relevant, Ordinals expert Leonidas reveals Ordinals make up 84.9% of the current activity on Bitcoin.

Erika Lee, nft now

Full coverage here.

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