Danny Yang’s Op-ed for Bitcoin Magazine: Ordinals Are Good for Bitcoin, but More Standards Are Needed

In the last few years, NFTs have been the breakout application for Ethereum and other blockchains. While much of this mainstream user base did leave with the drop in NFT prices, many have stayed. But the initial surge in NFT interest drew most of these users to blockchain projects aside from Bitcoin, even though BTC is the largest cryptocurrency by market cap (which is twice the size of Ethereum’s) and it has the highest level of security and the most proven capacity as a store of value. Unsurprisingly, a protocol like Ordinals arrived to make it possible for NFTs to exist on Bitcoin. It was only a matter of time until someone recognized that Bitcoin’s staying power could underpin a truly “killer” app.

Danny Yang’s op-ed in Bitcoin Magazine

We’re excited to share a new op-ed from Danny Young, Metagood’s CEO, published in Bitcoin Magazine. Read the whole article to explore Danny’s insights on the topic and learn more about the world of Bitcoin, NFTs, and standards.

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