OnChainMonkey Becomes First 10k NFT Collection Inscribed on Bitcoin by Ordinals in a Single Inscription

OCM Genesis Cover

It’s been almost 1.5 years since we started our monkey journey. In September 2021, we made history as the first 10k PFP collection to be published in a single Ethereum transaction. (If you’re curious about our origin story, check this out here!)    

OCM has come so far since then, and it is all due to our incredible team and community of members.

A recap of our growth

We have earned over $8M in revenues from our public mint and secondary trading revenues, we have 4.3k unique wallets holding our NFTs, and over 1K of those wallets wear their OCM as their profile picture on Twitter! We’ve generated over $25 million in profits for our members, and 85% of trades across our collections have been profitable. Aside from CryptoPunks, OCM is the most profitable NFT collection that started as a free mint.  

We have over 34k active members on our Discord channel, 58k followers on Twitter, and 3 people with OCM tattoos (how awesome is that?!) 

Our DAO, funded with 2K ETH, has kickstarted small businesses, supported impact projects in multiple countries, and helped develop tools that our company can use to help grow our ecosystem. OCM DAO, as we call it, is how we build with our community in a decentralized way. Season 2 of member-submitted proposal funding began on February 27th (check our Prop.House)!

OnChainMonkey Making History on Bitcoin via Ordinals

On February 8th 2023, we hit another milestone. OnChainMonkey became the first 10,000 NFT collection inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain using Ordinals. We inscribed OCM on Bitcoin in a highly efficient way in one inscription. This historical precedent mirrors the first of all 10K OCM Genesis being created on-chain on Ethereum in one transaction. The inscription number is #20219, a reference to the month and year in which we launched OCM on Ethereum. You can view our inscription in the Ordinals.com explorer.

PS. How are we sure we were first? Bitcoin Punks started inscribing their NFTs via Ordinals before OnChainMonkey, but chose to use a separate inscription for each Punk, which took them from Wednesday, February 8, to Thursday, February 9, to complete. In contrast, OnChainMonkey inscribed their entire collection to Ordinals with a single transaction late on Wednesday, February 8. Thank you, Danny Yang, for figuring out how to do this on Bitcoin just like we did on Ethereum!

The inscription of the OnChainMonkey collection on the Bitcoin Blockchain shows the potential for NFTs to be used for long-term value storage and preservation! 

What’s Next in the Pipeline?

Following the unprecedented interest in our NFTs as the first 10K collection on BTC, we have multiple upcoming drops on BTC and ETH and have been approached by large brands to mint their assets on the Bitcoin network. It’s still early days, but we believe in the unlimited potential of our ability to expand our community, generate revenue, and make a positive real-world impact, demonstrating the power of Web3 to create wealth and do good.

We have already announced our collaboration with an amazing generative artist Alexis André, the creator of Friendship Bracelets, a top generative art collection launched on Art Blocks. This upcoming collection will be available to all of our holders of our Genesis and Karma collections.

If you’re looking to build wealth and do good with that wealth, then OCM is the NFT community for you! RISE!

To stay connected with OnChainMonkey, tune into our Instagram and Twitter!

If you’re interested in joining us, check out the available OCMs for sale on OpenSea, Mintable, and Nifty Gateway. Our holders receive exclusive invites to IRL and online events and can meet other impact-minded technologists, investors, celebrities, and more in our members-only Discord.

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