OCM Takes Switzerland: Catching Up with our Holders, Sharing the OCM Story, and Bringing More Monkeys into the Fam!

Amanda Terry speaking at ACTAI Global event

The beginning of January took our monkeys to Europe for a jam-packed itinerary in Switzerland! Amanda Terry and Bill Tai met with OCM holders and got to share our story with several high-profile individuals across web3, finance, and more. Our community is constantly growing. Read on to find out who joined us on this leg of our amazing journey toward building a better world by doing well and doing good! OnChainMonkey is your passport to a wealthy digital nation!  We define “wealth” not only as financial but also as physical health, social connections, and impact.

First stop: Crypto Finance Conference: Catching up with more OCM holders

Amanda and Bill are always determined to spread the word about the OnChainMonkey fam at their events and, of course, connect with other holders. We were excited to catch up with Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung, who proudly wore his OCM beanie and officially joined OCM by picking up his first Genesis! More good news from him – thanks to Animoca’s investment in Metagood and our partnership, some OCM holders will have the opportunity to be on the allowlist for Animoca’s upcoming MocaverseNFT

Amanda Terry, Bill Tai, and Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung at Crypto Finance Conference

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung officially joined OCM after meeting Amanda Terry at the Crypto Finance Conference

Next up: ACTAI Global St. Moritz

Amanda Terry spoke at the ACTAI Global event on OnChainMonkey and gave examples of how we have built wealth for our digital nation through our NFTs and DAO. Lowell D. Ness, Partner at Perkins Coie, and Rob Massey, who was a founding member of Deloitte’s blockchain practice, discussed the purpose and possibilities of DAOs in the Web3 space. We are proud to share OnChainMonkey’s story and the work we do to be recognized as the most reputable global brand in digital assets. Monkey business aside, our community should be super proud of ourselves as we’re making this mission a reality each and every day!

Amanda Terry speaking about OCM DAO during ACTAI Global panel, and Bill Tai opening ACTAI Global event wearing an OCM Genesis t-shirt

To those who know our fearless COO Amanda, you can be sure that this power-woman doesn’t rest on her mission to onboard more people to our community and tell OnChainMonkey’s story everywhere she goes – major kudos to her!

Amanda Terry speaking at ACTAI Global event

Amanda spoke about OnChainMonkey, diving into detail about our collection. Pop quiz: do you know what ‘on chain’ means? Check in with Amanda if you have any doubts! After the ACTAI event, our community welcomed several new holders!

We met so many awesome OCM holders and Metagood investors during our stay in Switzerland. It was great to tell our story, get more holders on board and give out some stylish merch to our new and existing community members. We hope to see more of you at future events across the globe! 

Amanda Terry with founder and managing partner of Stoked Capital Net Jacobsson, Metagood investor

World Economic Forum in Davos

It didn’t end there! Before heading back to the States, we spent some time at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Amanda spoke on the ESG is dead, long live ESG panel at Digital.Davos, where she let the OCM community shine by telling our story to a high-profile audience.

Find a recording of the panel here!

Amanda Terry speaking on the ESG is Dead long live ESG panel at Digital.Davos

Amanda reconnected with Sophia Swire, the creator of Future Brilliance, which is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was supported by Metagood to evacuate Sharbat Gula and her family from Afghanistan to Italy during Thanksgiving in 2021.

We hope the OnChainMonkey family already knows *everything* about our new and exciting partnership with Sandbox; check out the link if you need a refresher. We’re thrilled to dive more into this collaboration; stay tuned for updates! In the leadup to the official launch, Amanda Terry ran into Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget, gifting him the very first and totally awesome OCM winter hat! OnChainMonkey was one of the first NFT collections to do a custom Ledger, so it was wonderful to catch up with Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier as well at a Ledger-hosted dinner in Davos!

Amanda Terry with Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier and The Sandbox COO Sebastian Borget

Wherever we go, we are overjoyed to meet with OnChainMonkey holders and supporters and bring new people into the fam. We’re super stoked for a year of big and exciting things ahead! 

As Bill Tai said in his last year interview for CNBC, We are at the point now where there is a real intersection between the digital world with NFTs and really good things happening in the real world. Let’s keep that spirit in mind as we move forward; see you soon, monkeys! 

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