OnChainMonkey Art Showcased in Berlin’s Bright Moments Gallery; OCM Announces New Partnership with Alexis André

OCM Genesis in Bright Moments Gallery in Berlin

NFTs Can Be Pieces of Art!

OnChainMonkey is dedicated to working across numerous fields and levels to become the most trusted and recognized digital assets platform and brand. You can find our community members spreading the OCM story across the world to help make sure OnChainMonkey reaches more people with its one-of-a-kind mission. 

We saw this in action at the beginning of January when the OnChainMonkey NFT Collection was featured at the Bright Moments gallery in Berlin. The opening night festivities took place on January 12. EdFrame, an amazing artist and OCM community member, proudly represented us in the capital of Germany by co-hosting the event.

EdFrame, OnChainMonkey creator, co-hosted the event and connected online with Metagood CEO Danny Yang during the exhibition opening

We were honored to be showcased among some truly inspiring creators, including digital pop artist Bryan Brinkman, Toronto-based artist Mitchell F Chan, and our dear friend and amazing generative artist Alexis André. Read on to learn more about our next partnership with Alexis, good stuff to come! 

OnChainMonkey art featured in Bright Moments gallery in Berlin

During the opening night, Metagood co-founders Bill Tai, Amanda Terry and Danny Yang joined the event virtually to share the OnChainMonkey story and give an update on our activities around the globe. 

Bill Tai speaking during the opening night of the exhibition

OnChainMonkey Announces New Partnership with Alexis André

Does the name Alexis André ring a bell to any monkeys? We joined forces with this visionary artist back in 2021! Metagood and OnChainMonkey supported Alexis in projecting his work on the Armadillo building in Glasgow, Scotland, during the world leaders meeting at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). In doing so, we helped inspire a billion people to take action against the climate change crisis. It was truly an exceptional experience to see his work at the center of such an important event. Check out the video below to see how beautiful the Armadillo looked covered in Alexis’ colors!

Alexis André’s projections at COP26 on the Armadillo building in Glasgow

This year, OnChainMonkey announced a new collaboration between Danny Yang, Metagood CEO and OnChainMonkey Genesis creator, and Alexis André, the generative NFT artist mentioned above who combines art, technology and causes in his work. 

Alexis André, also known as MacTuitui, is French but is currently based in Tokyo. He creates generative art inspired by nature. One of his major projects, done in collaboration with Donald Judd and Erick Calderon, is the Friendship Bracelets NFT collection, which reached a total volume of more than 9,000 ETH on OpenSea. 

Alexis André’s artwork exhibited in the Bright Moments gallery in Berlin

Okay, monkeys, what should you know about this new collab? Each OCM set owner (holder of a Genesis NFT + any Karma 1 + any Karma 2 NFTs) will receive a guaranteed mint of the Alexis André x Danny Yang NFT for each set you own. The Alexis André drop will also be on Bitcoin! We’re so excited to share this minting with you!

And a piece of surprise news for Genesis and Karma holders: you will have the chance to receive a mint of a new On Chain NFT collection created by Danny Yang–stay tuned for more updates!

Danny Yang’s tweet about this year’s OnChainMonkey and Alexis André collab!

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