OnChainMonkey Community Members Revitalize Local Skatepark in Brazil with OCM DAO Funding

OCM Skatepark

OnChainMonkey is your passport to a wealthy digital nation in Web3. To us, being wealthy encompasses financial stability, physical wellness, good social connections, and making a positive impact. Bill Tai, one of the minds behind Metagood/OCM, frequently talks about OnChainMonkey DAO as a “giant ball of karma” that collectively steers a giant magic wand to do real-world good. The wand taps and does good for other people – and it happens literally all around the world, including Brazil!

The skatepark in San Miguel, Rio de Janeiro, before and after the renovation

OCM Supports Skatepark Renovation in San Miguel, Rio de Janeiro

It all started with one of our community members, Debinvest, submitting a proposal to our OCM DAO Prop.House Season 1! The idea was to revitalize a public plaza in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Debivest is a local resident in San Miguel, and he saw the lack of government assistance in supporting young people to get involved in some after-school activities. We were thrilled to see his idea of using Web3 for community good!

Renovation of the San Miguel skatepark in Rio de Janeiro, work in progress

OnChainMonkey Genesis and Karma NFT holders voted to support the idea with 1 ETH. With the funding, Debinvest with his team painted the entire skating rink to look like OnChainMonkey from the top and invited local graffiti artists to paint OnChainMonkey NFTs on the quad. The new space looks absolutely brilliant, and we love how our Monkeys came together to support the transformation!

Renovated OCM-themed skatepark in San Miguel, Rio de Janeiro

OCM Skatepark Gathering Locals Together!

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the projects supported by our community coming to life and inspiring and impacting others. The renovated San Miguel skatepark is once again a meeting place for the local community, encouraging people to use the tracks again, monkeying around on their skateboards, and simply hang out.

The local community also organized a rap battle to celebrate the opening. We hope to stay in touch with the San Miguel neighborhood with Debinvest’s help and support more actions in the future!

Rap Battle in Rio de Janeiro organized with the OCM Community support

Check the awesome video with the recap of the skatepark renovation below!

Kudos to everyone involved in these beautiful actions showing doing well while doing good in action! 

If you ever visit Rio de Janeiro, don’t forget to check out the OCM skatepark – here’s the address!

OnChainMonkey Supporting a Brazilian Orphanage for Christmas

In December, the growing OnChainMonkey Brazil fam organized a heartwarming action to support the local orphanage in Rio de Janeiro just before Christmas. 79 girls living in the Instituto C. Macedo Soares in Rio de Janeiro were surprised with some great gifts showing how collective actions can *really* impact others in the best way possible! 

Children getting presents

OCM supporting Christmas gifts for a local orphanage in Rio de Janeiro

OCM Brazil organized cool activities and games, and Santa Claus even brought gifts for the girls! Among other toys, the Brazilian OCM community prepared OCM-themed coloring books – the kids loved these! With the remaining money, they purchased food for the orphanage, which we hope will make a big difference for all!

Kids get presents

The OCM Brazil community will stay in touch with the orphanages to find new ways we can work together, including refurbishment, painting (maybe some monkey mural art!) and school supply purchasing!

This is what we love the most about the OnChainMonkey DAO and community. With the help of Web3 tech, our holders can easily create a positive impact worldwide. 

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