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OnChainMonkey Community Meetups During Metaverse Miami and Art Basel

Happy people with monkeys hats

At Metagood, we believe in the power of building community IRL (In Real Life) in addition to online. You can spot our OCM team monkeying around in many places and attending events all around the world to ensure we’re connecting as much as possible with our community both online and in the real world! While Bill Tai and Amanda Terry were hanging out in Australia at West Tech Fest and ACTAI Global events, Mike Chavez and Sofia Vaschetto, alongside our passionate community, hosted multiple events in Miami to connect with our OCM fam during Metaverse Miami and Art Basel. Here’s a quick recap!

Sharing the OCM Mission at Metaverse Miami & A Meetup at NFT Gallery Happy Hour

Metagood evangelist Mike Chavez spoke on the “Tokenized Impact: Can NFTs Move The Needle” panel together with Happy Goat founder Willie Morris, artist Shawn Coss, Web3 educator Mec, and moderator Jay Rosenzweig. Mike spoke about the importance of developing trust in personal networks that are utilizing blockchain technology to do impactful things in the real world. He also spoke about how OCM DAO is creating a trust layer in our community to enable both Metagood and the OnChainMonkey community to work hand-in-hand to realize the belief we have in the utility of NFTs to provide value and enable social impact both online and in the real world!  

OCM community members at the NFT Gallery Happy Hour!

In the evening, OnChainMonkey hosted the OCM NFT Gallery Happy Hour at Eden Roc Hotel. The event was a great time for monkeys to get to know one another better, and saw 30+ people attend.  We also prepared a special merch drop for the Miami gathering occasion – the highly coveted limited edition OCM Miami snapback caps!  As always, we had an awesome time together with our community and friends!

The Monkeyverse Awaits!

OCM NFT Gallery Happy Hour!

Quality Time With the Monkeys and Doing Good Together!

The festivities didn’t end there – the OCM team had more surprises in store for the community! We hosted an OCM Metaverse Miami Brunch at The Social Club, and after that idyllic beginning of a sunny day, we went to the seaside for the Miami Beach Clean Up! Whenever we gather, there are always good actions we can do together! To cap off our eventful day, we also co-sponsored a happy hour with W3BX at Sweet Liberty, where we were joined by Ryan Carson, Drew Schneck, and a variety of other impact-focused individuals and communities.

OCM Metaverse Miami Brunch!

OCM Metaverse Miami Brunch!

Miami Beach Clean Up

Our next stop was Art Basel, and this year’s edition blew our minds! So much awesome creative content there, and one could see that the Metaverse and NFTs had a strong presence at the event! We were overjoyed to catch up with one of the Metagood investors: founder, CEO & CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management, Mark Yusko, who had a blast in his OCM t-shirt!

Mark Yusko in OCM t-shirt

We say it a lot, but we will say it again – the OCM community is amazing and growing every day. Everywhere we appear, there are always monkeys happy to meet and hang out together! We will keep you posted about all future events and gatherings – let’s spread the good karma and vibes all over the world!

Limited Miami edition of OCM caps

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