NFT.NYC: OCM Hosts Holder’s Brunch and Panels + Karma Makes it to Times Square!

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Plain and simple: OCM LOVES NYC! It’s always incredible energy getting our community together and our crew at NFT.NYC this year was no different. From our brunch and panel sessions with 250+ of you to lighting up Times Square with our big Karma news, this event was one for the books. We even hosted an EXTRA happy hour later in the week for those who weren’t in town Tuesday – our community loves to monkey around! Read the recap of our time at NFT.NYC below and be sure to check out our highlight reel here

Amanda kicked us off on Monday (June 20th) at We Are Web3 for the “Building Brands and Communities with Vision” all-female panel, sponsored by MetaAngels’ co-founders Allyson Downey and Alex Cavoulacos with Ledger and Adobe. She spoke with co-founders Sydney Brafman of Goblintown, Mai Akiyoshi of Curious Addys, Shondra Washington of TBC Capital, and Carly Reilly of Overpriced JPEGs podcast.

Later in the week, Amanda also spoke on an official NFT.NYC panel on “NFTs for Investment in Sustainability” with Sander Gansen, founder of World of Freight, and Jeff Kelley of Edge of NFT podcast.

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Amanda with the inspiring panel from “Building Brands and Communities with Vision”

Our big day was Tuesday, hosting our Holders-only brunch with up to 2 guests at the Highbar Rooftop with 250+ attendees. Guests got their hands on some fun new swag including a limited edition “NFT NYC” hat and Karma reveal t-shirt. Amanda sat down for a talk on NFTs for Investment and Impact where she explained Metagood’s mission and gave updates on Karma, which minted on 6/29. She was joined by Inna Modja of Code Green and WOW, Apolo Ohno of Tribe Capital and Metagood investor, Ettore Rossetti of Save the Children and moderated by Randi Zuckerberg of and Metagood investor.

Apolo spoke about how pro athletes used to flex with their fancy watch collections but now wear Apple watches to show their PFP.  PFP collections have become a consideration when people think about how and what they are social signalling. We learned that Save the Children was one of the first charitable organizations that accepted Bitcoin in 2013.The CEO of the Chopra Foundation, Poonacha Machaiah spoke about using the Metaverse to improve the mental health of youth.  OnChainMonkey had held a private meditation session in Discord for their holders with Deepak Chopra earlier in the year.

Happy people posing by the OnChainMonkey wall
A stellar lineup of Metagood investors and partners after their panel on investment and impact

Amanda also rocked an interview with Judy Shaw on the New York Stock Exchange Floor Talk that had over 3M viewers.  Bananas!! You can watch the interview here.

Metagood is currently exploring a partnership with the NYSE to create a program to reward companies meeting their ESG and board diversity goals with NFTs. Our team got a tour of the NYSE from the Director of Capital Markets Brian Baumann and learned that the NYSE floor was the first air-conditioned room in the world!  The NYSE also has the largest Fabergé egg in the world and a unique collection of Andy Warhols and some NFTs on display!

Amanda Terry giving the inverview
Interview with Judy Shaw at the NYSE on Metagood and OnChainMonkey
OnChainMonkey with Brian Baumann and Judy Shaw of the NYSE
Three people and a Fabergé egg!
NYSE Fabergé egg, one of the largest in the world

The week was buzzing with talk of our Karma Mint (now available on Opensea:!) and OCM was even featured on a GIANT Times Square billboard, courtesy of the NYSE, to promote Karma!  This 15 second video was shown every for 3 days during NFT.NYC. 

OCM on a massive Times Square billboard!

With Karma Mint now live, we have a feeling our monkeys will have a lot to talk about at our next IRL event. To keep up with updates and events for OnChainMonkey, tune into our Instagram and Twitter!

If you’re interested in joining us, check out the available OCMs for sale on OpenSea (Karma Monkey is here!), Mintable, and Nifty Gateway. Our holders receive exclusive invites to IRL and online events like ACTAI Barbados and can meet other impact-minded technologists, investors, celebrities and more in our members-only Discord.

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