OCM Heads to Consensus 2022 as Finalists in Web3 Competition + Co-Founder, Bill Tai Wins Meta Gala Award

Supporters of OCM at Consensus 2022!

Austin, TX turned up the heat this June, and not just with its rising temps – the buzzing tech city was home to Consensus 2022 this year, hosting some of the crypto world’s most impactful voices from June 9th-12th and our monkeys showed up in the middle of it all. The group consensus? The Metagood and OnChainMonkey crew was on FIRE! We hit the best panels, shared our vision, won awesome awards and hosted a meetup to hang with our favorite monkeys. Read on to revisit the magic of Consensus 2022!

The Monkeys representing OCM at Consensus 2022!

One of the best parts about heading to events and conferences like Consensus is the chance to catch up IRL with our OCM community. We hosted an event to monkey-around at Speakeasy in Downtown Austin and shared alpha on our June Karma Mint Day (June 29th!). We had 120+ of our monkeys attend and some of our favorite VIPs and investors, PussyRiot, Staci Warden and Jaime Leverton. 

Our Allow list for Karma Mint Day is filling up! Find the info on how to get on the list here.

Welcoming our investors and community to our private event at Speakeasy in Downtown Austin!

Metagood was also presented as 1 of 8 top finalists (and the only NFT collection!) for the CoinDesk x Extreme Tech Challenge Web3 competition! Check out the video we submitted for entry below!

15 Second Elevator Pitch
Amanda presenting Metagood and OCM at the Web3 pitch competition by Coindesk and Extreme Tech Challenge

We were honored to be selected as a finalist especially as we’ve seen such progress with our NFT collection recently. OCM was the only mid-cap NFT collection (Floor 1-7 ETH) to increase in value in the last 60 days. Uh…that’s bananas, but not surprising. RISE!

Recent data on our increased value from the mid-cap NFT index!

Already inspired by OCM’s amazing growth, Bill Tai spoke enthusiastically on a panel with Amy Wu, Head of FTX Ventures, and Staci Warden, Algorand CEO, chatting about the power of communities to do real good and Metagood’s “magic wand” effect, detailing how we are working to fix big world problems like Sharbat Gula and bringing internet to schools globally. 

Bill Tai representing Metagood and OCM on a panel at Consensus 2022!

What’s more, at the inaugural Meta Gala, where we donated a Ukraine hat OCM, Bill was honored by OneOf NFT CEO Lin Dai and received an award for his work with Metagood and contributions in the social impact space.

Bill and Lin at the Meta Gala

We can’t forget to mention our meeting with Bermuda Premier, David Burt, who’s looking to bring more innovation to the insurance industry in Bermuda. We told him about OCM and gave him a hat! 

Amanda and Bill with Bermuda Premier, David Burt!

Amanda and Bill recorded 3 podcasts while at Consensus 2022. You can listen to the first-released Edge of NFT episode 153 here, where Amanda and Bill chatted with hosts Jeff and Josh about the details of building a Web3 project that has incredible impact. Be on the lookout as the others go live!

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