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Twitter Bananas

You Can Now Earn Bananas on Twitter

Since Bananas for OCM merch was rolled out a month ago, exclusive OCM holder merch has been flying off the shelf. We realize our community is eager to buy OCM swag with Bananas, rather than with fiat. We realize our monkey fam is keen on spreading good Karma, and hungry for Bananas.

Until now, you could only earn Bananas in our Discord. We wanted to bring even more to our community. Today, we’re officially launching a new feature that’s new to the NFT space and Twitterverse … Bananas on Twitter!

Good Karma Hits the Twitterverse

The vibe in our Discord is best described as friendly and welcoming. OCM and our community fosters this through our core values and banana giving. It’s time to bring the good Karma vibes to Twitter.

Recently, we soft-launched Bananas on Twitter, and have been fine-tuning its mechanics to bring you the best experience. Welcome to the official launch of Bananas on Twitter!

Tweet a fun fact about OCM. Spread love to your fellow OCMs. Let’s tweet our good OCM vibes on the Twitter metaverse, and help amplify great tweets. Much like Discord’s “give-to-earn” off-chain Bananas feature, helping tweet and amplify great tweets will give a Banana to a fellow monkey, and help you earn one too.

How do Bananas on Twitter work?

For this to work, first connect your Twitter, Discord and Ethereum accounts to the OCM website: This ensures we’re able to get your Bananas on Twitter to your account. Connecting your accounts to the OCM website is easy 1-2-3, here’s a quick guide GitBook: How to Connect Accounts to the OCM Website.

Earn a banana on Twitter just by tweeting something with the tag @OnChainMonkey, or simply interacting with a tweet from @OnChainMonkey. This is the equivalent to a !RISE in Discord and has a 12 hour timer.

Give a banana and earn a banana at the same time by tweeting something with both the @OnChainMonkey tag and the tag of the person you want to give a banana to. This is equivalent to Discord’s /give-to-earn and has its own 12 hour timer. Note that the recipient needs to first connect on

Here’s a tip. Write a good tweet and tag @OnChainMonkey without tagging anyone else. Then if others reply to your tweet, they will be doing a give-to-earn with you automatically! You can do this with other good tweets about OnChainMonkey by others too!

Let’s go Bananas on Twitter!

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