OnChainMonkey Desserts are Here! Now What?!?

OCM collaborated with Chainlink on our Desserts draw, and now comes the long-anticipated air drop of Desserts to the Monkeyverse! What does that mean exactly and what do you need to do?

Please be aware that with well-telegraphed events such as these there will be opportunists who attempt to deceive. These are the official links of our contracts which are the only ones you should trust. Also, double check the links with: https://github.com/metagood/OnChainMonkeyData/tree/main/DessertSnapshot

OCM Deployer Address: 0x164e0d92eed7c397c675fede671b49ce2b289d1f https://opensea.io/OCM_deployer

Desserts Smart Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5079fc4e96338be1b5aff236ff4b00ec4452b2d3 

VRF Smart Contract for Desserts Draw: https://etherscan.io/address/0xbe53d018dc774c0d263f0f435f3b4749d80e2566 

Official OpenSea Token Link: https://opensea.io/assets/0x5079fc4e96338be1b5aff236ff4b00ec4452b2d3/1 



Which Desserts did I Get???

See our table to see which monkeys got which desserts!!


We’ve run our verified OCMRandomizer contract which will power our draw to tell each person what they received. View full Rules of that draw here.

When Will I see the Desserts in my Wallet? 

You can find the official Desserts contract fully on-chain on Etherscan, while we will formally mint the Desserts and airdrop to all holders within the next 24 hours. Thereafter, you will be able to see the tokens from that contract on Etherscan, OpenSea, and/or your Wallet depending on whether it natively displays ERC-1155 tokens. If it does not–no need to panic. You can confirm ownership via Etherscan which will reflect all of the data which is fully on the Ethereum blockchain. 

When Can I Use my Dessert and Mint my Karma Monkey?

Not quite yet! You can find the most up-to-date information on the OCM Karma page, but ‘Early Claim Ticket’ holders will be the first to mint their Karma monkeys for free (plus gas) in late March. If you do not have an ‘Early Claim Ticket’ you will be able to mint your Karma monkeys after September 11, 2022. If you don’t have an Early Claim Ticket, but want to eat your Dessert before September 11,  you can pay 0.03 ETH to do so, with 100% of that going directly to the OCM DAO. 

How Soon Can I Buy and Sell Desserts on OpenSea or other NFT Marketplaces?

As fully on-chain ERC-1155 tokens you can begin to buy and sell as soon as tokens are delivered to individual wallets. We must stress, however, that you should absolutely confirm you are trading in the correct Desserts contract (see here on Etherscan) as opportunists will almost certainly attempt to trick users into buying and selling counterfeit tokens. 

My OpenSea Account Doesn’t Show Desserts!

We are actively working towards verification of the Desserts contract on OpenSea, but if you read this before it is Verified it is likely that your OpenSea account page will show the Desserts under “Hidden”:

I Have Other Questions!!!

Please join our Twitter spaces (or listen to the recording) for the full details on the air drop of Desserts and don’t hesitate to jump onto our Discord server to contact us with any further questions!

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