OCM Dessert Snapshot on Feb. 1, 2022: What You Need to Know

Who’s ready for Desserts?!? 

We’re thrilled to announce that all OnChainMonkey holders will receive an airdrop of free Desserts which Monkeys can eat to create our OnChainMonkey Karma collection. OCM Karma is a collection of 20,000 new NFTs in the OnChainMonkey Monkeyverse. Of the 20,000, half (10,000) are going directly to current OnChainMonkey holders and will be free to claim to those holding Genesis monkeys and desserts (you’ll just pay the gas fee).

On February 1, 2022, we will take a snapshot of all OnChainMonkey holders, so make sure not to move or transfer your monkeys before that date. Those holding monkeys at the snapshot will receive an airdrop of Desserts a few days later. As stated above, Desserts will be needed to claim an OCM Karma, so you’ll want to hold onto those Genesis monkeys and Desserts. 

We’ll have a more robust blog post about Karma in the future, but in the meantime, we want to make sure the OCM community is prepared for the Dessert snapshot. Below we have a quick set of FAQ’s with everything you need to know for this critical date of February 1, 2022 for the snapshot.

What’s the deal with the Desserts?

There will be three different kinds of Desserts of varying rarity – D1 (most common), D2 (less common), and D3 (very rare). If you own an OnChainMonkey and it’s in your wallet on Feb. 1, 2022, you will receive one of these three types of Desserts. This Dessert will be necessary to claim your free OCM Karma.  

Desserts sound awesome. How many Desserts do I get?

You will receive one Dessert per OCM Genesis you have in your wallet.

How will I get my Desserts?

Desserts will be airdropped into the wallet that is holding your Genesis monkey. Said differently, in most cases, the Desserts will just show up in your wallet. So basically, HODL that monkey through February 2nd, and you’ll be good to go.

NOTE: if you hold your monkeys via NiftyGateway’s Custodial wallet please read fuller instructions below!

When exactly is the snapshot happening for me to get my Desserts?

Without getting into the complexities, the snapshot will be tied to a specific block of the Ethereum blockchain near February 1, 2022. We will publish that block number shortly before. That won’t be a specific time, but should be close to midnight UTC time. To be safe, we recommend you do not move your OCM Genesis from your wallet during the 1 hour window around Feb. 1, 2022 12:01am UTC. This is the safest way to make sure everything works smoothly.

You said in most cases…in what cases will I have to take some sort of action to get my Dessert?

Most people have their OCM Genesis stored on a non-custodial wallet (where you control your private keys), like Metamask or Ledger. If your OCM Genesis is in a non-custodial wallet, you should be good to go with no further action. Just make sure you confirm your wallet supports ERC-1155 and ERC-721 tokens.

However, there are some cases where a OCM Genesis is being held in a wallet that doesn’t accept airdrops – often called a 3rd party “custodial wallet.” The only custodial wallets that we know support airdrops in general are Nifty Gateway and FTX. If you have your OCM Genesis on Nifty Gateway, you’ll likely need to take some extra steps to ensure you get your Dessert. You can find the steps to ensure you get your airdrop on Nifty Gateway linked here and you need to complete this step by Jan 31. If you think you have your OCM Genesis on a 3rd party custodial wallet and need help, please reach out to anyone on the OCM team (ping @Mod on Discord, or email hello@metagood.com) and we can assist you through the process. Please take this action ASAP to ensure you don’t have any issues with the snapshot. Once the Dessert is airdropped on Feb. 1, 2022, it’s gone and there is nothing we can do. So check with us if you have any questions at all before then!

Do the Desserts show up in my wallet right after the snapshot on Feb. 1?

The Desserts will not show up immediately. They will likely be dropped within 7-10 days of the Snapshot.

You said there are three different types of Desserts. How do you pick who gets each type of Dessert?

The Desserts will be airdropped randomly, and the beautiful part about NFTs is that randomization will be fair and transparent on the blockchain.

Is the OCM Team getting Desserts as well?

Everyone who owns an OCM Genesis will get a Dessert. If members of the OCM team own an OCM Genesis, they will get a dessert for each Genesis owned like any other holder. Likewise, the Metagood wallet will receive airdrops for each OCM Genesis they own.

What happens if the OCM team or Metagood gets one of the rare D3 Desserts?

If an OCM team member gets a D3, it is his or hers just like it is for any OCM holder. It’s a randomized chance, and everyone has an equal chance to benefit. However, if the Metagood wallet gets a D3 dessert, Metagood will give the D3 Dessert to the OCM DAO, so the whole community benefits!

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